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Freqeuncy Series 2009
​Artist Statement

Making art is freeing. I get to do what I like, when I like, to experiment change at will. Some of the ideas or people that inspire me to make my art include Rorschach inkblots, various methods of abstract painting and just plain old playing around. I am an inkblot experimentalist.

My art signifies the hidden motives and meanings of the human condition like a child who has been told "no" too many times yet finds a way to get what he or she wants while being cute and coy. At other times it is a pure exercise in an explosion of color and texture. The unique way that I create paintings is simple. As I look at a container of paint I think of myself as an alchemist asking "how can I make this substance behave in away that I need it to?" Usually it takes a life of its own. What I may have answered is nothing more than wishful thinking yet the result is pleasantly accepted once I stop Groveling about what has transpired.

What I create is enigmatic, awe inspiring works. A new way of doing Abstract, taking viewers on a metaphysical trip into a far off land of my creation.

Artist Bio

Vlbrown who works in acrylics and tempera creating images based on Rorschach ink blots was born in Harlem, raised in the South Bronx and  Awendaw S.C. a small fishing village outside of Charleston S.C. at five years old his interest in art grew while actively participating in class projects, contests while developing an appreciation for architecture.

Victor studied at 
The Governor's School of the Arts, Sciences and Humanities and received his B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Victor has developed a love for fashion design and plans to develope a collection in the future he currently resides in Atlanta Georgia.

Visit: www.vlbrownfa.com for more.
Frequencies Series 2013
Frequencies Series #19 acrylic on paper 11 by 14 2013.